The Queens Chapter of Ryders Don’t Play MC started like most other clubs/chapters out there. We were a large group of friends who just enjoy the ride. There were often talks of starting a bike club that was exclusive to our own personal thoughts and ideas. After close observation of the MC world, we found that there was more to it than most make it seem as far as value and loyalty to traditional ways of the MC’s original rules. Things many clubs didn’t follow as we saw. After constant careful research and understanding what the MC world was about we knew we could definitely start our own club, but in a state like NY with so many other clubs, there was no point.
Deep research of an already established club in good standing that displayed loyalty, respect, was family oriented, and had the morals and integrity for these original MC rules that we were still learning about was what we began to search for. There were clubs everywhere with good people and some with some structure but none who met with our standards. Settling was not an option.
The group went from many too few as some were willing to settle, others decided to remain independent, and a couple just were not devoted to the cause in general.
We finally found 2-3 clubs that were appealing. As we researched who they were it was with no question that we found our club as far as what they stood for. After contacting them, seeing who they were as individuals, we sat back and decided that we wanted to be a part of that family. Seven men agreed to join after being presented with the idea to contact Ryders Don’t Play MC with a proposal of a Queens Chapter. There were many contacts, conversations, and movements made. Finally after getting things straight on Friday, August 2012 seven men received their initiation into the club but the work to get the charter had only just began. Through guidance and instruction of the club we began to do what was necessary to accomplish our goal.
On January 2013 the Queens Chapter was officially chartered. The chapter continues to grow and keeps the high standards and integrity of the club.